What is the procedure for a domain name reigstrar transfer?

The transfer procedure goes like this:

1. You will submit a transfer request in your domain control panel;

2. The system will send a confirmation email to your domain's present  registrant  contact email. Generally this email will be sent within few minutes and sometimes up to 24 hours after you submit your transfer request. If you do not receive such an email, please contact customer support for assistance.

3. The registrant email contact of domain name who own domain need to confirm the transfer with the link in the confirmation email.

4. After the transfer request is confirmed we will process the transfer request by contacting the registry who in turn will contact the current registrar about this request.

5. Losing registrar will re-confirm with Registrant/Admin on the transfer. (Registrant is advised to read the e-mail carefully and act accordingly.)

6. Registrant/Admin reply to losing Registrar’s confirmation email.

Once domain transfer process completes, we will inform you of the transfer result (failed or successful).

Note: the transfer process may take approximately 7 calendar days to complete after registrant approve the transfer
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