I have problems accessing my MySQL database remotely

If you have problems accessing your database at your web hosting account remotely please make sure that:

  • You are using the correct MySQL hostname – it should be yourdomain.com or your server's name;
  • You are using the correct MySQL database / username / password. 
  • Don't forget to specify your MySQL username and database with the prefix yourusername_ in front of its given name. For example, your cPanel username is whnetwork and you have named your database joomla. In this case you have to refer to your database as whnetwork_joomla
  • You have allowed the remote host to access your database. This can be done from your cPanel > Remote MySQL.
  • You are connecting to the TCP port 3306.

A common mistake is to try accessing your databases using the main cPanel login. This will not work and you have to use the MySQL user instead.

If you are having problems accessing your MySQL databases remotely, please submit a ticket to support department for assistance.

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